Quality Of Life Massage and Reiki

Quality of Life Massage and Reiki specializes in living a healthy lifestyle through regular massage therapy and energy work. I work with her social media, her website and her overall branding strategy.

Web Design

We took her previous site, built in a DIY site builder that offered very little customization and upgraded her to a fully functional WordPress based site that reflects all of her new branding elements shown below. Bright neon colors were changed to softer, calming shades. Clients looking for a relaxing time can now schedule their appointment directly in the website without being sent to a third party scheduling app. What they don't know is the embedded schedule on her new site is still the same old scheduling app - meaning my client didn't have to change her scheduling process - but her customers have a more fluid booking experience. Photos from the previous site are below.

Old Site

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 11.02.13 AM
Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 11.02.20 AM

New Site

Visit her new website here.

Untitled design (65)
Untitled design (66)

Branding and Logo Design

A logo is one of the most important parts of a brand. It establishes the mood and feel of the company as well as setting the color palette for the rest of the branding.

Quality of Life (5)

Social Media Posts

Good Neighbor Brews

Good Neighbor Brews is a craft brewery in Wylie, Texas. Their focus is on making high quality craft beer and being a contributor to the community. From weekly events to working with other local groups, GNB is making a name for themselves in the neighborhood.




GNB focuses on a friendly, rustic and western feel for their taproom and brand. While they had a great logo, the font just wasn't screaming Western or Rustic. With a quick font change, we made their logo much more on point with the rest of their brand - and it had to be fate, because the new font called "Rye."


Old Logo

Good Neighbor Brews Old Logo

New Logo

Good Neighbor Brews Final Logo


One of the first things GNB had me help with was taking over their Facebook page - a complete page management package can be super affordable! I create their weekly content, promote any events they've got coming up, respond to comments and messages to engage their audience (one of the most important things you can do with your page) and keep all of their social media on brand. See some of my favorite posts below, or check out the page here. The owners even get comprehensive break downs of their analytics each month to show the growth - and we use those numbers to determine the strategy for the next month!


Coming soon!

Wylie Art Gallery


The original Wylie Art Gallery had a nice design with modern colors. It offered customers the chance to sign up for their various events and classes, as well as purchasing art. Except for when it didn't because the developed used such a propriety process that they needed to be contacted for every update. It eventually stopped working to the best of it's ability with broken links, off centered front page and loss of online payments.

Old Site

WAG Redesign

New Site

The new site design followed the overall design of the old website with the same bright and modern colors. The most important part is that there is a way to pay for art and classes on the website - AND it's so user friendly that the client can update it themselves without having to contact (and pay) a designer every time they want to add a new class or piece of art. See the new site here.

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Untitled design (69)
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Untitled design (71)

Landon Winery


Coming soon!